The act of going to a concert

“Who doesn’t attend, and Why”. This is a title of a report, which immediately caught my attention as I investigated the place of music in my region.

As a child, I attended few orchestral concerts, but I was left with lingering memories of the wonderful experience: the diverse types of sound, the interaction of nearly a hundred people on stage at a time, and most impressively, the dynamic range and huge volume that orchestras were able to produce. I associated these few experiences with my favorite cartoons on TV, and this gave me a sense of one of the roles music played in our everyday life.

As I grew older, and moved into the professional sphere of musicians and concerts, I understood just how lucky we are to be able to experience these kinds of concerts. But sadly, many of us don’t take these opportunities.

“Between 42% and 47% say they are very unlikely or unlikely to attend art galleries, classical music performances, and musical or opera performances” (Arts NSW, 2009)

I found this fact—and many other findings of the report—to be quite shocking. I aim to take the opportunity to allow people to experience the arts as much as possible. Having attended some theatre productions and concerts as a school student, if I hadn’t experienced them as part of my school group, I probably wouldn’t have taken the initiative to go on my own or with family/friends. And now that I have been many times (I have a collection of at more than fifty concert tickets!), I see the arts as an important enrichment to my life, and I would be disappointed I no longer had the opportunity to experience it. After all, art is a reflection of culture.


Arts NSW. (2009). Who Doesn’t Attend & Why.

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